Communicating with Style

Learn how to adapt your selling style and build rapport to maximize sales results.

Course Overview

SCHEDULE: 2 Day Program

Learn how to adapt your selling style and build rapport to maximize sales results.

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  • Who Should Attend This Course?

    The Following Sales Professionals Should Take This Course:

    Any professional that wants to improve their ability to communicate effectively and influence others.

  • Available Course Format

    This course comes in the following format.

    • Instructor-led in-class over two days
    • On-site with the opportunity to customize
  • Learning Outcomes

    • Take an in-depth look at your personal strengths and weaknesses using a personalized assessment tool
    • Identify personal pitfalls and strategies to avoid them
    • Develop your ability to use a variety of communication styles to solve problems
    • Apply communication skills that empower others and stimulate high performance
    • Increase your persuasion skills through effective influencing techniques
    • Understand who you are while under stress and develop methods to manage yourself
    • Adapt your communication style and questioning technique to the specific personalities of each buyer
    • Enhance your active listening skills
    • Control and leverage nonverbal communication to support your power to influence
    • Successfully navigate conflicts or issues with a step-by-step resolution model
  • Course Content

    Elements of Self-Leadership

    • Identifying and understanding the values that drive you

    Understanding Personality Styles

    • Analysis of your self-perception questionnaire
    • How your behaviour helps to establish rapport with others
    • The decision-making process
    • Knowing and adapting to personality styles when stressed and emotional

    Risk Factors and Trust in a Business Relationship

    • Fundamentals to build trust
    • Building Trust and Credibility

    Communication Skills

    • The power to persuade as an influencing process
    • From “No” to “Yes” – the constructive route to agreement

    Goal Setting

    • Effective Goal Setting
    • Relationship mapping
    • Influencing difficult clients

What To Expect

You will be taking our latest cutting edge professional sales training and coaching.

Our professional sales instructors and coaches are all experienced sales professionals with a minimum of 15 years sales experience, they are certified sales professionals, certified adult educators and follow a strict professional code of ethics.

We Provide:

  • Accredited Professional Sales Training Courses – Professional Selling and Professional Sales Management
  • Customized Accredited Professional Sales Training Courses – Market Segment Specific
  • Social Selling Workshops – Latest In Social Selling Techniques
  • Sales Performance Coaching – Virtual or ‘In Person’ Coaching Sessions
  • Virtual Sales Management
  • Joint Sales Visits
  • Sales Program Audits

Program Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that come from providing professional sales training to your sales team:

A professionally trained and accredited sales team will take your business to the next level of performance.

Canadian Government Job Grant

All of our three day programs are eligible for funding from this program, please find below a link to the Canadian Government Job Grant, here it is province by province, there are subtle differences and nuances between the provinces.

The grant will subsidize up to two thirds of the training costs of your organizations certified training needs. Up to a maximum of $10K funding per person or $300,000 funding per company, whichever limit is reached first. The full amount is to be paid by the company initially and then rebated back to them on successful completion of the program or course. One third is rebated by the provincial government and the other third is rebated by the federal government.

Example, if you identified $15,000 of certified training for one of your employees, then potentially this program will cover $10,000 of the training investment, leaving only $5000 to be covered by your organization.