The New Benchmark in Professional Selling.

Course Overview

SCHEDULE: 20 Weeks x 2 Hrs Per Week (40 Hrs Total) + 3 Hr Exam


Become your customers’ business partner and optimize penetration and profitability of your key accounts

In today’s highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace, buyers expect more from you – information, expertise and professionalism. They demand value not only in your products and services but in your relationship with them as well.

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Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Professionals who want to differentiate themselves in the marketplace
  • A minimum of two years of sales experience is recommended.

Available Course Format

  • Instructor-led virtual program delivered over 20 weeks
  • Complete the 20 Week Professional Selling Reinvented Program (Pre-requisite to challenge the Exam)
  • Complete a 90-minute closed-book, proctored written examination
  • Complete a 45-minute oral examination (long form answer) Interview style
  • Complete a 45-minute role play exercise

In addition to passing the 3-part examination the candidates will need to sign and agree to abide by a strict code-of-ethics, and will also need to be a member of the IPA in good standing. To maintain this professional designation, there is a annual requirement for the designation holder to achieve 20 hours of continuing education (CE) credits.

IMPORTANT: Before the course begins, participants are required to complete the pre-work self-study

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of Consultative Selling
  • Identify and develop the skill sets and mind sets necessary for sales success
  • Develop stress relief techniques to maintain optimism
  • Spend more time making effective sales calls
  • Develop a professional standard of performance
  • Learn strategies to optimize the time you spend managing territories and accounts
  • Maintain and manage an effective prospecting funnel
  • Overcome client objections and direct the outcome of a negotiation
  • Understand different personalities and how to better influence them.
  • There will also be a short test during each class to measure retention

Course Content & Layout

Module #1 – The History and Future of Professional Selling

  • Understanding the History of Professional Selling
  • Predicting the future of Professional Selling
  • Recognizing the Importance of lifelong learning and professional development
  • Developing a Personal Brand
  • Defining Consultative Selling
  • Case Study – Review of Disruption

Module #2 – Framework for Success in Sales – Sales DNA

  • Domain Expertise
  • Understanding the Importance of Strategically Growing Your Network
  • The Attributes of a Successful Sales Professional
    • Skill sets of a Successful Sales Professional
    • Mindset of a Successful Sales Professional
    • Characteristics of a Successful Sales Professional

Module #3 – Effective Communication

  • The Theory of Communication Styles and Understanding Communication Style Bias
  • Conducting a Communication Styles Assessment
  • Using Communication Styles to Communicate More Effectively
  • Identifying methodologies for Selling and Marketing with Style
  • Understanding and Managing the Different Types of Communication (written, non-verbal)

Module #4 – Compliance Theory

  • Understanding Compliance Theory
  • Application of Compliance Theory to Real Sales Situations

Module #5 – Ethics

  • Understanding the Importance of Ethics in Business
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Ethical Dilemmas – What to do?

Module #6 – Self Awareness

  • Time Management Improvement
  • Implementing Proven Time Management Techniques
  • Stress and Attitude Management
  • Time Chart / Work-Life Balance Exercise

Module #7 – Business Acumen

  • Understanding Typical Organizational Structures and Planning Processes
  • Revenue vs Profit
  • Profit Realization
  • Example Account Statement and Profit Delivery Exercise
  • Margin vs Mark-Up
  • Measuring What Your Time is Worth (Various Methodologies)
  • Return-On-Time-Invested

Module #8 – Sales Planning Reinvented

  • Understanding the SMART model for developing goals
  • Developing Key Account Plans and Territory Plans with Feedback Loop
  • Establishing criteria for an in-depth Competitive Analysis of your Territory and Key Accounts
  • Applying SWOT to Key Account Planning Process and Key Sales Pursuits
  • Using SWOT to Identify Key Differentiators (UVP)
  • Setting Profitable Goals, conducting a Competitive SWOT Analysis, and Calculating Return on Time Invested (ROTI)
  • Mastering key steps to Building Key Points of Unique Differentiation

Module #9 – Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Developing Effective Prospecting Techniques to Secure Business
  • Learning to Move and Track Opportunities through the Sales Funnel
  • Learning how to Measure and Manage Your Sales Funnel
  • In-Bound and Out-Bound Marketing for Lead Generation
  • Warm Call vs Cold Calling
  • Sales Technology Stack
  • Social Selling

Module #10 – Consultative Selling Reinvented

  • Application of Consultative Selling Principles to Your Role
  • The Consultative Selling Process
  • Consultative Selling Case Study
  • Utilization of Objection Handling Techniques
  • Developing Closing Techniques
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Cost of Inaction (COI)

Module #11 – Presentations Reinvented

  • Understanding the Importance of Presentation Format and Style
  • Presentation Preparedness
  • Presentation Delivery Tips

Module #12 – Negotiation Reinvented

  • Understanding the different types of Negotiation
  • Negotiation Strategy and Planning
  • Principles for Effective Negotiation

Exam Preparation – 8 Week Practical Assessment

  • Mock Roleplay and Case Study Preparation
  • Mock Oral Exam Practice
  • Mock Oral Interview Practice

What To Expect

You will be taking our latest cutting edge professional sales training and coaching.

Our professional sales instructors and coaches are all experienced sales professionals with a minimum of 15 years sales experience, they are certified sales professionals, certified adult educators and follow a strict professional code of ethics.

We Provide:

  • Accredited Professional Sales Training Courses – Professional Selling and Professional Sales Management
  • Customized Accredited Professional Sales Training Courses – Market Segment Specific
  • Social Selling Workshops – Latest In Social Selling Techniques
  • Sales Performance Coaching – Virtual or ‘In Person’ Coaching Sessions
  • Virtual Sales Management
  • Joint Sales Visits
  • Sales Program Audits

Program Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that come from providing professional sales training to your sales team:

A professionally trained and accredited sales team will take your business to the next level of performance.

Canadian Government Job Grant

Many of our programs may be eligible for CGJG funding, please find below a link to the Canadian Government Job Grant, here it is province by province, there are subtle differences and nuances between the provinces.

The grant will subsidize up to two thirds of the training costs of your organizations certified training needs. Up to a maximum of $10K funding per person or $300,000 funding per company, whichever limit is reached first. The full amount is to be paid by the company initially and then rebated back to them on successful completion of the program or course. One third is rebated by the provincial government and the other third is rebated by the federal government.

Example, if you identified $15,000 of certified training for one of your employees, then potentially this program will cover $10,000 of the training investment, leaving only $5000 to be covered by your organization.