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Your website is a source of high quality leads, Lead Forensics delivers immediate payback.

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We Provide High Quality Leads to Help You Meet Your Sales Goals!


Over 90% of business to business (B2B) buying decisions start on the web. But research shows as little as 2% of B2B website visitors actually make contact when they visit a website. The majority of prospects we invest thousands in driving to our website never actually identify themselves.

Lead Forensics resolves this issue by identifying:

  • The business name
  • The telephone number
  • The address
  • The website address of visitors to your website.

Lead Forensics also provides the search term they used to find you, which page they landed on and which pages they spent time on. With the core aim of increased B2B lead generation, Lead Forensics is an essential part of the B2B sales and marketing team’s tool.

The next generation in lead generation solutions. Plus, Lead Forensics gives you valuable additional information such as the business’s turnover and its industry / SIC code. As a result, you can easily identify which visitors are the most relevant to your business and target these first. When combined with the latest in Social Selling techniques, Lead Forensics becomes a potent weapon in your business development arsenal. Having leads that are pre-qualified will ensure your sales team is getting the best Return On Time Invested.