Why Base Over Apex Sales Training?

Our Mission, Vision And Values are the core of our business!

At Base Over Apex our Mission is to change the negative perception of sales people, through professional sales training and coaching. Our Vision is a world where selling is a profession to be proud of. Our Core Values are Family, Fun, Honesty and Integrity.

Sales Reinvented

Companies cannot reach their full potential without a professional sales team, yet sales people are generally portrayed and viewed in a negative light.

Paul Watts is the founder of Base Over Apex. As a top-ranked Social Selling Professional, he is a sought-after Sales Trainer, having market experience in a variety of industries in North America and internationally. Paul heads up a team of Accredited Sales Professionals all of who are passionate about sharing their experience with other like-minded sales professionals. Base Over Apex’s Vision is to make selling a profession to be proud of.

After years of working as a business to business sales professional in the corporate environment, Paul grew tired of attending sales training courses, where the same old training material was rolled out with a new spin and with some new ‘buzz words’. He realized that selling had changed significantly over the last five years, but that many of the sales training companies had not updated their material. Social Selling has changed the face of professional selling, and yet many of the ‘tried and tested’ sales training companies have not embraced these changes. Base Over Apex provides on-going accountability of their students, through coaching and virtual sales management. We are committed to providing return on investment on all services provided.

Paul has lived through many changes in his professional career – changes in organizational re-structures, changes in compensation and commission models, changes in strategy, route to market, personnel and many other factors related to maximizing the efficiencies of the sales program. During this time, through managing sales teams and talking to other sales leaders, he came to the realization that there was no single quick fix and addressing only one area at a time would not yield the maximum returns.

He began to create a vision for a company that would be able to provide a fresh set of eyes for organizations and the necessary skills and understanding to fix the problems. Herein lay the challenge –the skills necessary to address all of the issues which may be present in a sales program are not usually possessed by a single individual, but are often tasked to just one person to fix. In reality the sales process needs to be analyzed, bottlenecks identified, measurement and control of the bottlenecks put in place, a process improvement expert is required for this. The human factors of the sales team also need to be taken into account, therefore an HR Specialist should also be involved and finally you need someone with a deep understanding of the sales process and what it should look like, Certified Sales Professionals are required for this. He realized that the solution to the issues faced by many organizations could be solved through a combination of services which can be provided through Base Over Apex.

Meet Our Team

Professional Sales Coaches


Paul Watts, CSP

Sales Performance

Paul Watts believes that sales is an honorable profession because his full lifecycle sales model is more than one party selling to another. A belief that brings value to both parties through a relationship…


Michelle Cain, CSP

Sales Performance

Michelle has worked with a number of leading organizations to assess their sales teams and deliver a tailored development program that combines professional sales training with an aftercare coaching…


Lisa Leitch, CSP

Sales Performance

Lisa is also the first woman in North America to have earned a double CSP, (Certified Sales Professional and Certified Speaking Professional) and is proud to be one of six accredited training partners…


Patrick Cain, CSP

Sales Performance

Patrick has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, including roles as President and VP Business Development for national firms. He has a successful track record with a variety of leading organizations…


Dave Holt, CSP

Sales Performance

Dave Holt believes salespeople must take responsibility for continuously learning and becoming their best in order to serve their customers well. He ensures that everyone he trains learns something…


Johane Verdier, CSP

Sales Performance

Johane works with sales teams and business managers at all levels within organizations.  She is passionate about contributing to the success of others and has an ability to challenge participants in a new way…

What Others Are Saying

About Our Professional Selling Courses


“This is a world class program that creates a competitive advantage for Air Canada, consistent with our goals of creating culture change.”

Patrick Khoury

US Sales Director – Air Canada

COURSE: 3 Day Professional Selling Workshop

“As a seasoned sales professional with 30+ years experience, I am always looking for ways to be better and provide more value + good service to my clients. This course gave me measurable, practical tools to start practicing and using as soon as I get back to my office.”

Aline Barker

Rogers Insurance Ltd

COURSE: 3 Day Professional Selling Workshop

“Paul has a strong knowledge base of the Professional Selling process and is able to deliver it in an engaging and concise manner that is relevant to my distinct financial planning practice.”

Sylvia Duffill

Wealth Navigation Group

COURSE: 3 Day Professional Selling Workshop

“The course was a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge as to why the skills you may think you have can be more effective with certified training.”

Ryan Hohman

Wealth Advisor at MoneyAdvisor Financial Ltd.

COURSE: 3 Day Professional Selling Workshop

“If you are in Sales, you need to do this course. Customers don’t want to be sold and the Base Over Apex course totally gets it. Not only do you learn about Consultative Selling but it also helps with time management and teaches maximizing your productivity.”

Michael Bibby

PPI Solutions Inc

COURSE: 3 Day Professional Selling Workshop

“Paul Watts is a great presenter who is fluid in the language of sales. His enthusiastic presentation left a deep impact on all of us in our organization.”

Myron Littman

Foresight Financial

COURSE: 3 Day Professional Selling Workshop