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A professionally trained sales team will drive efficiency and improve the overall profitability of Your Company.

Our Courses

Professional Selling has changed, are you ready?

You will be, With our latest cutting edge professional sales training and coaching programs. Our professional sales instructors and coaches are all experienced sales professionals with a minimum of 15 years sales experience, they are accredited sales professionals, certified adult educators and follow a strict professional code of ethics. We have a wide range of sales training courses to choose from, all of which can be customized to meet your needs.

Professional Selling

Essential Sales Training

Our top-selling sales program that provides sales professionals with absolutely everything they need to succeed.

Consultative Selling ReInvented

Essential Sales Training

A popular one-day program that provides sales professionals with industry leading consultative selling tools and skill building.

Time Management ReInvented

Essential Sales Training

Make the most of your resources and maximize your time with this comprehensive workshop.

Strategic Account Management

Essential Sales Training

Maximize your revenue potential by taking a more strategic approach to client account and territory management.

Social Selling ReInvented

Advanced Sales Training

Sales professionals who use social media as part of their sales process sell more than those who do not, come and learn how!

Effective Negotiating Strategies

Advanced Sales Training

Master the negotiation process in order to close more deals at higher profit margins, while keeping your clients happy.

Influence Buying Decisions

Advanced Sales Training

Learn how to adapt your selling style and build rapport to maximize your sales results and optimize your sales team in return.

Professional Sales Management

Sales Management

Become a effective strategist, business manager, and talent developer so you can manage your sales team performance.

Coaching For Sales Success

Sales Management

Gain the tools to coach your team effectively and unlock the potential for growth and larger sales opportunities.

Grow Your Sales Team With Our Leading Training Process!

Our integrated system looks at your sales process from the inside-out. Analyzing your sales team strengths and identifying areas for improvement. Positioning your team for the best ROI results possible from our customized training system!


    Quickly assess and determine the best personality traits to match to optimal sales positions!

    Base Over Apex is committed to ensuring that your company sees the maximum return on your training investment. As a PXT Select ™ Authorized Partner we are able to provide you with the employee assessment tools to quickly and effectively identify gaps in skill sets, set expectations and determine areas for personal growth and development.

    We use the PXT Select™ (PSA) to determine that each person is in the right position, we use the PXT Select ™ Sales Checkpoint (SCP) to identify skills gaps, and we use the Social Styles Assessment to determine communication style. Once these are complete we work with the individuals to build their own 70:20:10 Personal Development Plans and Sales Playbooks.


    Professional sales training for your team

    Through our NEW World Class Consultative Selling Sales Training Course, Base Over Apex is able to offer an unrivalled and impressive suite of professional sales training courses.
    We have been delivering sales training and sales performance coaching courses across Canada for more than five years, delivering programs for small and medium enterprises all the way up to multi-billion global organizations.


    Measure your sales team performance and effectiveness

    Base Over Apex, will help you determine the most appropriate lead measures to accurately measure the performance of your sales team, prior to, during and after training has been delivered, this will help your company measure the return on investment made, we can where the company is using one of the leading CRM’s, help you to modify your instance to track these lead measures and provide you with dashboards to easily measure the performance of the sales people and the program.


    The Virtual Sales Management program ensures your ongoing sustainability using the tools learned in training.

    Most training fails at the implementation phase, this is usually due to a lack of accountability and coaching. Our first step is always to train the sales leadership on CPSA’s Professional Sales Management course to ensure that the Team Leaders and Sales Managers will be able to coach and mentor the sales team on consultative selling principles to reinforce what has been learned and hold the team accountable to use their new skills.

    We can further augment this through monthly accountability and coaching sessions where we are able to assist your sales managers and sales team through the ‘uncomfortable’ change in behaviour phase that everyone goes through when adopting a new process. We are here act as facilitators and guides for your sales team and sales leaders. These sessions also provide a great mechanism for preparation for the CSP Examinations.

    Also depending on the CRM that you are using we can implement ‘Level Elevens’ gamification App to ‘spike’ behaviours of the lead measures we want to, making the adoption competitive and fun.

What To Expect

You will be taking our latest cutting edge professional sales training and coaching.

Our professional sales instructors and coaches are all experienced sales professionals with a minimum of 15 years sales experience, they are certified sales professionals, certified adult educators and follow a strict professional code of ethics as CPSA Members.

We Provide:

  • Accredited Professional Sales Training Courses – Professional Selling and Professional Sales Management
  • Customized Professional Sales Training Courses – Market Segment Specific
  • Social Selling Workshops – Latest In Social Selling Techniques
  • Sales Performance Coaching – Virtual or ‘In Person’ Coaching Sessions
  • Virtual Sales Management
  • Joint Sales Visits
  • Sales Program Audits

Program Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that come from providing professional sales training to your sales team:

A professionally trained and accredited sales team will take your business to the next level of performance.

Canadian Government Job Grant

All of our three day programs are eligible for funding from this program, please find below a link to the Canadian Government Job Grant, here it is province by province, there are subtle differences and nuances between the provinces.

The grant will subsidize up to two thirds of the training costs of your organizations certified training needs. Up to a maximum of $10K funding per person or $300,000 funding per company, whichever limit is reached first. The full amount is to be paid by the company initially and then rebated back to them on successful completion of the program or course. One third is rebated by the provincial government and the other third is rebated by the federal government.

Example, if you identified $15,000 of certified training for one of your employees, then potentially this program will cover $10,000 of the training investment, leaving only $5000 to be covered by your organization.