Key Account Management Reinvented

Maximize your revenue potential by taking a more strategic approach to key account and territory management.

Course Overview

SCHEDULE: 2 Day Program

Maximize your revenue potential by taking a more strategic approach to account and territory management

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Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Professionals that want to further penetrate key accounts, develop long-lasting client partnerships, and create more strategic territory plans for better prospecting
  • Key account managers, sales professionals, business-owners/entrepreneurs, sales managers

Available Course Format

  • Instructor-led in-class over two days
  • On-site with the opportunity to customize

Learning Outcomes

  • Evolve to become an indispensable strategic partner to your clients
  • Reduce competitive threats and strengthen client retention
  • Gain clear expectations of the multiple roles you play as a Key Account Representative and define what it takes to be successful
  • Maximize the return generated from every minute you invest while managing your accounts
  • Develop realistic and achievable goals and forecasts that support your territory planning
  • Strategically allocate your time across all activities and increase your profitability
  • Conduct detailed market and industry analyses leveraging five separate criteria and additional tools
  • Use a matrix rating system to categorize potential accounts and prospect more effectively
  • Build a winning territory plan that leverages all insights derived from the activities above, with specific strategies and timelines to keep you on track
  • Conduct an analysis of your current accounts to discover how to implement positive change and increase profit margins
  • Build a detailed account profile of one of your key accounts
  • Leverage your analyses to create an account plan that optimizes efficiency and effectiveness
  • Easily uncover account needs and goals with a consultative investigation
  • Create and deliver formal business cases to secure commitments
  • Successfully navigate negotiations while maintaining profit margins

Course Content

  • Overview of the foundational principles of typical organizations and the various roles played by Key Account Managers
  • Optimizing the value clients seek from you and your organization
  • Strategies to increase integration and synergy within key accounts – partnership evolution
  • Maximizing return-on-time-invested within your accounts and assessing future sales opportunities
  • Calculating the Risk (COI – Cost of Inaction) and the Reward (ROI – Return on Investment) of solutions for Key Accounts

Strategic Territory Planning

  • Key concepts and principles about goal setting and forecasting
  • Tools to perform a detailed analysis of your organization as compared to the competition and the marketplace
  • Applying the Key Account Targeting Model to identify where to invest your time: goal alignment, forecasting, territory planning, and time allocation
  • Building the territory plan based on all information collected from various analyses

Key Account Management Process

  • Overview of Account Acquisition and Opportunity Sales components of the strategic key account sales process
  • Converting account data into strategic intelligence and insight
  • Building comprehensive action steps, growth strategy, and strategic account plans
  • Using discovery questions with all key stakeholders from the decision making process to uncover their unique motives and needs
  • Keys to effective solution implementation based on a strong business case of financial arguments

Key Account Planning

  • Building an annual business review for your existing key accounts
  • Developing a strategic account plan, and financial business case, to grow your major account
  • Developing and delivering consultative advice and business solutions
  • Building and communicating your unique value proposition to senior executives

What To Expect

You will be taking our latest cutting edge professional sales training and coaching.

Our professional sales instructors and coaches are all experienced sales professionals with a minimum of 15 years sales experience, they are certified sales professionals, certified adult educators and follow a strict professional code of ethics.

We Provide:

  • Accredited Professional Sales Training Courses – Professional Selling and Professional Sales Management
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Program Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits that come from providing professional sales training to your sales team:

A professionally trained and accredited sales team will take your business to the next level of performance.

Canadian Government Job Grant

Many of our programs may be eligible for CGJG funding, please find below a link to the Canadian Government Job Grant, here it is province by province, there are subtle differences and nuances between the provinces.

The grant will subsidize up to two thirds of the training costs of your organizations certified training needs. Up to a maximum of $10K funding per person or $300,000 funding per company, whichever limit is reached first. The full amount is to be paid by the company initially and then rebated back to them on successful completion of the program or course. One third is rebated by the provincial government and the other third is rebated by the federal government.

Example, if you identified $15,000 of certified training for one of your employees, then potentially this program will cover $10,000 of the training investment, leaving only $5000 to be covered by your organization.