You have probably read many articles on the new feature from LinkedIn which allows you to measure your ‘Social Selling Index’.

By following the link you will be able to see your overall Social Selling Index score which is a mark out of 100.



You are marked out of 25 in four categories;-

  • Establish Your Professional Brand (Complete your Profile with the customer in mind and publisher of meaningful posts)
  • Find the right people (Identify prospects using efficient search and research tools)
  • Engage with insights (Discover & share conversation-worthy updates and grow relationships)
  • Build Relationships (Strengthen your network by finding and establishing trust with decision makers)

You can also see how your score has changed from week to week.



And finally you can see how you rank against your peers and connections.



Most people are competitive in nature, whether they admit it or not. No one likes to lose. I know I don’t but I am wondering if this latest feature from LinkedIn is the beginning of the end for the platform or a very smart move on LinkedIn’s part to encourage us all to spend even more time on their site.

By creating this metric, which some people are already touting as a badge of honor (as if the ‘500+ connections’ and ‘How You Rank’ features weren’t enough). They are now encouraging us to compete with our peers and colleagues to raise our SSI. (Which inevitably means more time on LinkedIn).

How long before they allow us to look up our connections SSI or it is displayed on your profile next to your picture?

The question, I keep asking myself, is do these numbers have any real bearing on my performance as a sales person, can I be an effective sales person and have a low SSI score.  I guess we will have to wait and see on this one.

Has LinkedIn gone too far? Or can they go further?

On face value this seems like a valuable tool to track and measure your social selling performance, or is it the start of something sinister?

I hope not,

“Will you please accept my SSI Challenge Request?”