Well not that kind of ‘Killer Headline’!

In this post we will discuss what your headline is, why it is important and what you need to do to write a compelling headline statement.

Your headline statement is here, right under your name on your LinkedIn profile.



You may have noticed that many people use this field to state their current position or business title. Whilst this may help potential recruiters to find you, it won’t help your potential clients find you when they enter a search request into LinkedIn’s search field.

The headline field is a ‘Keyword searchable’ field, which needs to be packed full of great ‘Keywords’ from which you would like your profile to be found, by other LinkedIn Users. THINK! When your potential clients are searching for the products or services you provide, what would they type into the search field? These are the keywords that you need to include in your headline.



Let’s discuss how to modify your ‘Headline’. From the LinkedIn home page, move up to the top of the page, hover over the ‘Profile Tab’ and wait for the ‘drop down menu’ and select ‘Edit Profile’.

To edit the profile, click on the ‘Pencil’ icon on the right hand side of the headline segment. A pop up box will appear which contains an editable field for you to enter your new headline.



You have 125 characters to create your headline and it should speak to your audience around the value that you bring to them and how you do it. A WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) Statement for your potential customers.

As you can see from my headline, I help companies to grow through professional sales training and the latest in Social Selling techniques.

Take your time to create a Headline that truly reflects what you do, the value you bring and how you do it. (Not easy with only 125 characters).

By doing this well, you will also help to improve your LinkedIn Profile ranking.

Finally remember this is not fixed, you can try different headlines and ask friends and colleagues which they like best, you might also change your headline when you focus on different market segments.

My ‘Social Selling’ friend Yuhannes Watts seems to have a new ‘Headline’ every month, check out this months.