How Trainable are You?

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What kind of ‘trainee’ are you? We all learn differently, some of us are ‘Visual’ learners and need visual stimuli to learn, some of us are 'Auditory' learners and need to ‘hear’ new information, and some of us are ‘Kinesthetic Learners’ and need to experience of touching or doing to learn and then the [...]

Social Selling Reinvented Workshop Testimonial – Geoff Howes

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Find out what Geoff Howes from the Kixpay had to say about Base Over Apex's new Social Selling Workshop. Come and learn more about arguably the most powerful sales tool available LinkedIn and increase your sales immediately.

LinkedIn Debate: Endorsements vs Recommendations

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Many people ask me, “Do you really believe that LinkedIn is a valuable sales tool? My answer is always the same, “Yes, if you use it correctly!” The reply is often “But the only calls that I get from LinkedIn, are from recruiters trying to place me in a new position!”

Beef Up Your LinkedIn Security

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What would happen if someone hacked into your LinkedIn account, changed all of your account login information and then changed your picture, name and background information and replaced it with false information in order to have access to your network connections. Sound far fetched, well it's not, this happened to one of my connections recently, [...]