Just Imagine…

Imagine you were feeling ill and made an appointment to see your doctor. When you walked through the door, the doctor asked, how are you feeling? Your initial response might be, “I’m not feeling well at all”.

Now imagine your surprise if the doctor said “No you don’t look well at all, but not to worry, I’ve got just the thing for you. This medicine will fix you right up,” and without asking another thing, he reached down into his medicine bag and placed a bottle of pills on the desk in front of you.

How confident in the solution would you be? Probably not that confident. However this meeting is repeated the world over, every day, thankfully not in doctors offices, but in sales meetings everywhere. Many salespeople do not take the time to ‘fully diagnose’ their client’s needs before prescribing their solution.

The alternative is consultative selling. Consultative selling can be loosely defined as the process of diagnosing customer goals and challenges, helping them prioritize their needs, and then tailoring your products and services (solutions) to address those nee


It’s the process of being a “consultant” to your customer and their business… versus a “salesperson” trying to sell them something.

Which one are you going to be?

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