Most people would agree that good listening skills are important in sales. However most sales people do not possess this skill or do not display it often (myself included).

When with clients or potential clients, many sales people will ‘Listen only to respond’, rather than ‘Listening to understand’. They wait for a gap in the conversation, with the intention of filling it with words.

The best sales people are the ones that recognize, that it is what their customer is saying that is most important.

I have found that when I conscientiously, actively listen to what my clients say, that I have the most productive meetings, I am sure if you think back to the best meetings you have had with clients you will agree that this is true for you also.

Combining active listening with great questions is a recipe for success. Try it and let me know how you get on.

I will leave you with this final thought…

SILENT and LISTEN share the same letters, co-incidence? I think not!