During a telephone conversation I had last night with a friend Peter Clarke, of the Philanthropy Channel, he mentioned to me that one of his favorite animals is the mighty Buffalo, when I asked him “Why?” he told me that the Buffalo is one of the few animals that will walk into a storm, in order to come out of the other side sooner.

I thought that this was pretty neat, so I researched his comment and found this story, which I would like to share.

Taken from the website:  http://www.gayedonaldson.com/the-buffalo-2/

“There are often terrible storms on the plains of Wyoming. The skies darken on the horizon and the pressure builds. As the storm approaches the creatures that live underground find safety, and the birds take to the canopy of the trees to find shelter, but the hoofed animals who can’t find shelter on the ground sometimes try to out run it… in terror they flee, and as they run and run the storm pursues them. Pretty soon exhaustion sets in, and then their final collapse. In the spring their bodies are often found as the snow begins to melt.

But the buffalo does things differently. When he feels the storm approaching he turns to face it. He stands firm and then drops down into his heart, and he begins to walk. He walks and walks right into the eye of the storm… while the wind and rain and thunder and lightening rage all around him he keeps on walking. Until, in time, he emerges right out the other side and feels the sun on his face again and the warmth of it on his back… and he knows he is free….”

I would suggest that the moral of the story is that everyone faces challenges and adversity every day (The Storm) and that we each have a choice whether we face these challenges head on, or run and hide.

I know which I choose to do.